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The World's First Robot Theme Wedding Held In Pine Company
Jun 02, 2016

On January 20, 2016, siasun C4 three wisdom workshop today is especially lively and solemn, rows of neatly dressed up out of their usual production of industrial robots, arranged in a heart-shaped gesture ... ... Various types of intelligent service robots are on the go, some guidelines on responsible for the reception, some for tea water, some responsible for the talent show ... ... 49 days of Shenyang outdoor into the freezing cold, while C4 plant is permeated with a warm and peaceful atmosphere. While robots occupy the limelight, but today's protagonist is not, because it will hold a special mass wedding here-six new pines staff and their partners in leadership and witnessed by colleagues into marriage halls together.

Hold a pure robot theme wedding, whether it be wedding history or the history of robots in the world, is a unique experiment. At 9 o'clock in the morning, to attend the wedding of fellow newcomer families, heads of departments and colleagues arrived. Welcome display robots as a guest reception emcee led the membership in attendance at the registration, meal delivery robot guests on the wedding candy, explained under the guidance of robots, joins guests in order to be seated.