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Robotics Industry: How To Get Through Into The Last Mile
Jun 02, 2016

In recent years, the industrial robot technology significantly improved, developed products, but a series of innovative research results out of the research institutes to become an unavoidable issue.

In November last year, nature Publishing Group publishes white paper on the transformation of China's scientific research, citing statistics, each year there are at least 30,000 new scientific and technological results, there are 70,000 patents achievements, however, the conversion rate is only 10%, with United States 80% a far cry from the conversion rate at a low level of domestic scientific research.

The emergence of this situation stems from research and development capability focuses on scientific research institutions on the one hand, can be combined with the results of industrialization needs less, but on the other hand, even developed as a result, many enterprises it is difficult to have the ability to transform, a scientific ultimate fate may be shelved or "lying" in the exhibition hall.

Initiative to avoid an obstacle to freedom of service robot that can "move heaven" to air three robots, high-speed Delta robot handling ... ... Pleasing is that at the 16th China Harbin international equipment manufacturing Expo, to hit the robot group, Harbin revolves Robotics limited area over more than 10 enterprises of industrial robots, such as showing a large number of different forms, features a variety of Intelligent robot. The sections in various forms, progress in functional robot was moved not only for visitors to browse, in real life, they literally walked into the common people and scenes.