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Robot Cleaner Accessories Working Principle
Aug 02, 2017

Before we can clean up the vacuum cleaner, we need to understand the composition of the vacuum cleaner. From the working principle of the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner has one of the most important "brain" - motor, in addition to the motor outside the main components of the dust from the device, Robot Cleaner Accessories dust filter and vacuum device composed of three parts, that is, by the centrifugal fan, Dust filter (bag) and dust accessories. Then we have to dismantle the motor before, we must first dismantle the fan. Robot Cleaner Accessories The specific dismantling method is as follows:

The first step, dismantling the fan. General vacuum cleaner fan cover is buckle in the bearing cover, so we can use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry open the cover, Robot Cleaner Accessories and then to the lower fan cover.

The second step, remove the guide wheel. One hand grip the impeller, the other hand using a wrench loosening fastening nut, unscrew, then remove the pad ring, washers, Robot Cleaner Accessories impeller and other components, remove the guide wheel.

The third step, remove the brush. Use a soldering iron to weld the stator windings of the stator windings.

The fourth step, Robot Cleaner Accessories demolition of the bearing light. In the general vacuum cleaner, the bearing cover and the housing are linked with four rivets. When we dismantle, we must prepare for the assembly, that is, to ensure that the stator and armature concentric. Robot Cleaner Accessories In general we need to mark the small riot near the original rivet.

Step 5, pull out the bearing cover hard. This process requires attention to protect the case and prevent damage to the chassis after the subsequent assembly.

Step 6, pull out the armature. This step is generally based on the armature shaft on the front and rear rolling bearing wear and tear determine whether the demolition. Robot Cleaner Accessories That is, if the wear is not serious, do not have to unload; if the wear and tear, use a special tool to disassemble.

Vacuum cleaners are clean up our family, hygienic our lives, it can be said that it has changed the living habits to a certain extent. In order to make the vacuum cleaner better serve us, Robot Cleaner Accessories it is indispensable to master the necessary dismantling method.

① because the fan cover is buckled on the bearing cover, as long as the use of a word screwdriver will be able to push it little by little, and then remove the fan cover.

② left hand clenched impeller, right hand wrench with a wrench to tighten the nut, followed by remove the gasket, washers, impeller, washers, gaskets, etc., and remove the guide wheel.

③ remove the brush, with electric soldering under the stator winding two coils of the four lead connector.

④ demolition of the bearing light. Bearing cover and the chassis of some with four rivets riveting together, opened after assembly, not easy to make the stator and armature accurate concentric. Robot Cleaner Accessories In order to assemble the stator and the armature has a good concentricity, can be used to remove the following two ways: First, from the four rivets about 5 mm, drilling with four holes, as the future assembly of the hole. And then drill with the original rivets drilled out. First, in the original four rivet center, Robot Cleaner Accessories with a pointed red punch a small eye, and then drill with a small drill to drill rivets drilled out. The second method requires special care, if not grasp, using the first method of insurance.

⑤ pull out the bearing cover. If you can not pull out, you can use two pieces of wood to cover the bearing cover, with a pointed punch against the center of the shaft, Robot Cleaner Accessories with a hammer beat punch, so that the ball bearing and bearing seat slowly separated. But should pay attention to prevent the chassis fell to the ground broke.

⑥ pull out armature. The front and rear rolling bearings on the axle shaft do not have to be removed if the wear is not severe. Robot Cleaner Accessories If the wear is serious, use a special tool to disassemble.