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Robot Cleaner Accessories Product Expectations
Aug 09, 2017

At present, the market is flooded with a lot of intelligent robot vacuum cleaners products, the evaluation of different products, but from the overall point of view, Robot Cleaner Accessories product prices are still the most sensitive to domestic consumers of things, the second involved is the product performance. For example, Chery QQ and Porsche 911 are cars, but they are due to performance, Robot Cleaner Accessories work and configuration of different prices vary greatly, but both can be sold, so the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner product is the same reason: a product is worth the user to buy, or to see it value is not worth the user's price, and to achieve the user's product expectations.

Select this price segment of the crowd, Robot Cleaner Accessories generally the product requirements of the higher consumer, the market on the ordinary domestic robot vacuum cleaners have not met their more stringent cleaning requirements. This price segment of the product began to import products, Robot Cleaner Accessories in addition to the random collision search system model, the use of path planning system model also appeared in this price range. This price range of products as the high-end products in the eyes of the Chinese people, quality workmanship is very reliable, in particular, irobot Roomba series of products and Neato robot vacuum cleaners, Robot Cleaner Accessories the former has the industry's highest efficiency of the random collision-seeking system iadapt engine, the latter has the most advanced path planning road-seeking system RPS indoor laser map engine, are the excellent products in this price section, This part of the product is more suitable to enjoy life and have a certain purchase ability of the crowd to buy, Robot Cleaner Accessories at present the typical representative of this type of products have irobot Roomba 620, Neato XV-11 and so on.

This price range of Intelligent robot vacuum cleaner products are mainly imported models of domestic licensed models, but also some higher-order brands. The average user who buys this price product has a considerable amount of targeted consumption rather than being bought back for use, which accounted for a large proportion of the purchase is mainly as gifts or corporate rewards, such a purposeful more specific consumer behavior, often decided that buyers must choose higher prices and perfect domestic licensed products, Robot Cleaner Accessories otherwise it is likely to play the opposite effect so self-defeating. The price of the product generally has a very perfect after-sale and maintenance system, but the high price at the same time also decided that the price range of robot vacuum cleaner products are difficult to have a larger sales, the typical representative of this type of products have irobot Roomba 880 and Corvos 750.

We look at the entire range of intelligent robot vacuum cleaners, the current domestic consumers focus on the purchase of the middle two main sectors, Robot Cleaner Accessories one of the 800-2000-yuan product line has accounted for the majority of the domestic market share, we can also see that as per capita disposable income growth, 2000-5000 yuan price of imports of goods line sales are gradually becoming larger, direct threat to domestic robot vacuum cleaner accounted for the share of the product, And the 800-yuan and more than 5000 yuan in the polarization price segment of sales is very difficult to have a brilliant performance. Through a brief analysis of the price segment of the product, Robot Cleaner Accessories we hope to help the users who have purchased the budget to choose their own products, but the most important thing is to see whether the cleaning effect is satisfied, Robot Cleaner Accessories after all, we buy dust-absorbing robot is to be able to liberate themselves, instead of manual cleaning, Robot Cleaner Accessories if even the most basic "clean" this function can not reach, I believe that everyone will not go to spend undeserved money.