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Robot Cleaner Accessories How To Choose In The Price Section
May 15, 2017

At present, Robot Cleaner Accessories the market is flooded with many intelligent robot vacuum cleaner products, robot vacuum parts of various products evaluation of mixed, but in general, the product price is still the most sensitive domestic consumers are the most concerned, and the second is the product performance. For example, Chery QQ and Porsche 911 are automobiles, but they are due to performance, the different prices of workmanship and configuration vary greatly, but both can be sold, so the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner products are the same:Robot Cleaner Accessories A products are worth the user to buy, or to see it is Robot Cleaner Accessories not worth the user to the price, and can achieve the user's product expectations.

The intelligent robot vacuum cleaner products in a price section can basically be called "toys", because of the restriction of production cost, robotic vacuum cleaner accessories They must be carrying relatively low-order random collision-seeking system, at the same time can not have a high degree of intelligence, and second can not have more than 60 minutes of the single maximum working time, so the purchase of Robot Cleaner Accessories such products generally do not give users how much cleaner effect, many times such products will eventually become children's remote control toys. Advised consumers should be as far as possible to avoid purchasing unit price less than 800 yuan of robot vacuum cleaner products (some special promotional products except), so as to avoid Robot Cleaner Accessories excessive greed for cheap to buy a completely impractical products.

This price range is the most acceptable to the people of the robot vacuum cleaner price sector, robot vacuum accessories So generally speaking this sector price of products in the domestic sales, the highest market share. This price range of models is basically based on domestic models, carrying Robot Cleaner Accessories the system is still random collision-seeking road, due to the cost of loosening the overall quality and workmanship has a certain guarantee, most models start to reach or more than 60 minutes of the single maximum working time, basically with the charging base, the virtual wall and remote control and other accessories, many products can be achieved one weeks 7 days of regular cleaning, such as the overall performance of the machine's intelligence generally, can play a certain substitute for manual cleaning. At present, such products typical representative models such as Cobos 526PG, KV8 XR210C, Dibea X500 and so on.

We look at the product price section of the whole intelligent robot cleaner, and the domestic consumer's buying hotspot is mainly concentrated in the middle two mainstream Robot Cleaner Accessories sector, one of the 800-2000 billion of the product line occupies the majority of the domestic market share, we can also see as per capita disposable income growth, 2000-5000 yuan price of imports of product line sales are gradually increasing, directly threatening the domestic robot vacuum cleaner share of the product, and 800 yuan and 5000 yuan in the polarization price sector sales are difficult to show the performance. Through a brief analysis of the product price section, I hope I can help the users who have the purchase budget to choose their products, but the main thing is to see whether the cleaning effect is satisfactory, after all, we buy the dust-absorbing robots to liberate themselves, instead of manual cleaning, if even the most basic "clean" This function is not reached, I believe we will not go to spend money wronged.