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Robot Cleaner Accessories Cost Constraints
Jul 12, 2017

Currently on the market is full of a lot of intelligent robot vacuum cleaner products, Robot Cleaner Accessories sections of the product evaluation mixed, but on the whole, Robot Cleaner Accessories the product price is still the most concerned about the current domestic consumers the most sensitive things, followed by product performance is involved. To give an example of the image, Chery QQ and Porsche 911 are cars, Robot Cleaner Accessories but they are due to performance, workmanship and configuration of different prices vary widely, but both can be sold, so intelligent robot vacuum cleaner products is the same reason: Whether the product is worth buying the user, Robot Cleaner Accessories or depends on it worth the user out of this price, and can achieve the user's product expectations.

The intelligent robot vacuum cleaner products in this price segment can basically be called "toys", due to the constraints of production costs, Robot Cleaner Accessories they must be equipped with relatively low-order random collision pathfinder system, but also can not have a high intelligence Level, and secondly can not have more than 60 minutes of a single maximum working hours, so the purchase of these products generally can not give users how much cleaning effect, many times these products will eventually become children's remote control toys. Robot Cleaner Accessories It is recommended that consumers should avoid the purchase price of less than 800 yuan or so of the robot vacuum cleaner products (except for some special promotional products), Robot Cleaner Accessories in order to avoid too much coveted to buy a completely impractical products.

This price range is the most accessible robot vacuum cleaner price section, so in general this section of the price of products in the domestic sales of the largest market share the highest. The price range of the model is basically dominated by domestic models, Robot Cleaner Accessories equipped with the collision is still random collision system, due to the cost of the overall quality and workmanship have a certain guarantee, most models began to meet or exceed 60 minutes of a single maximum working hours, basically with a charging base, virtual wall and remote control and so on accessories, many products can achieve a week 7 days regular cleaning and other common functions, Robot Cleaner Accessories the overall degree of intelligent machine performance In general, Robot Cleaner Accessories can play a role in the replacement of artificial cleaning. At present, the typical representative of such products such as Kewo Si 526PG, KV8 XR210C, Dibea X500 and so on.

We look at the entire intelligent robot vacuum cleaner product price segment, the current domestic consumer hot spots are mainly concentrated in the middle of the two mainstream sections, of which 800-2000 yuan product line is occupied most of the domestic market share, We can see that with the per capita disposable income growth, 2000-5000 yuan price of imported product line sales are gradually becoming larger, Robot Cleaner Accessories a direct threat to the domestic share of the share of vacuum cleaner products, Robot Cleaner Accessories and 800 yuan and more than 5,000 yuan of the two poles Differentiation of the price segment sales is difficult to have a color performance. Robot Cleaner Accessories Through the brief analysis of the product price segment, hoping to help users who have purchased the budget to choose their own products, but the most important thing is to see if the cleaning effect is satisfactory, after all, we buy vacuum robot is to be able to liberate themselves, instead of Manual cleaning, if even the most basic "clean" this function are not reach, Robot Cleaner Accessories I believe we will not spend money wasted.