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Robot Cleaner Accessories Continuous Development
Jun 05, 2017

Robot Cleaner Accessories With the development of science and technology, the improvement of living standards, the traditional vacuum cleaner is gradually replaced by a new generation of intelligent vacuum cleaners, so what is the difference between a traditional vacuum cleaner and a new generation of intelligent vacuum cleaners? Why is the market now so hot? What do they have in common? Here is a look at the two products in common.

In simple terms, the intelligent sweeper Robot and the vacuum cleaner are positioned differently-the traditional vacuum cleaner is positioned in the deep cleaning, Robot Cleaner Accessories while the intelligent sweeper robot and the vacuum cleaner are positioned in the household sanitary cleaning. The traditional vacuum cleaners work, the motor high-speed rotation, the use of the resulting airflow, the garbage inhalation, the key is "suction"; intelligent sweeper robot and vacuum cleaner principle is the rolling brush + vacuum suction mouth, that is, Robot Cleaner Accessories by the battery-driven engine, rolling wool brush up garbage and small particles of dust, and then by vacuum suction mouth, and the principle of road cleaning car, the key is "sweep" + "suction".

At the same time, the traditional vacuum cleaners need manual operation, such as under the sofa, under the bed, need to spend a lot of manpower to operate, and the intelligent sweeper robot and vacuum cleaner is not the same, it has an artificial intelligence system, dust detection system, for dust much rubbish places can focus on cleaning, can be swept along the wall, the important is the ability to clean up the appointment, Robot Cleaner Accessories and automatic return to recharge.

Sweeping machine fuselage for the wireless machine, the main disc type. Use a rechargeable battery to operate on a remote control or a machine operation panel. Usually can set time to make an appointment to clean, recharge. There is a set of sensors, can detect obstacles, such as touching walls or other obstacles, will turn itself, and according to each different manufacturer set, and go different routes, Robot Cleaner Accessories there are planning to clean areas. (Some of the earlier models may be missing some of the features) because of its simple operation of the function and convenience, now has been gradually popularized to become office workers or modern household household appliances.

Robot technology is becoming more mature today, so each brand has a different direction of research and development, with a special design, such as: double suction cover,Robot Cleaner Accessories with hand-held vacuum cleaners, dust collection box can be washed and towed function, can be put aromatic agents, or light catalyst sterilization and other functions.

The fuselage is the movable device of the automation technology, and the vacuum dust-absorbing device with the dust collecting box, with the fuselage to set the control path, in the indoor repeatedly walk, such as: Along the edge sweeping, centralized cleaning, random cleaning, straight-line cleaning and other path cleaning, and supplemented by the edge brush, central brush rotation, cloth and other ways to enhance the cleaning effect, Robot Cleaner Accessories to complete the personification of home cleaning effect.