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Robot Cleaner Accessories Cleaning Effect
Jun 19, 2017

Robot Cleaner Accessories Sweep machine body for the wireless machine, mainly to disc type. Use the rechargeable battery to operate, operate the remote control, or the operation panel on the machine. General can set the time to make an appointment to clean, self-charging. In front of the set sensor, can detect obstacles, such as touch the wall or other obstacles, will turn their own, and according to each different manufacturers set, Robot Cleaner Accessories and take a different route, planning to clean areas. (Some of the earlier models may be missing part of the function) because of its simple operation of the function and convenience, has now become popular, become office workers or modern home appliances commonly used.

Robot technology is now more mature, so each brand has a different R & D direction, with a special design, such as: double vacuum cover, with a vacuum cleaner, Robot Cleaner Accessories dust box can be washed and mopping the function, can put fragrance, or Is a photocatalyst sterilization and other functions.

The fuselage is a mobile device for the automation technology, and with a dust box of the vacuum suction device, with the fuselage set control path, repeated walking in the room, such as: along the edge cleaning, centralized cleaning, random cleaning, straight cleaning and other path cleaning , Robot Cleaner Accessories And supplemented by edge brush, the central main brush rotation, wipes, etc., to strengthen the cleaning effect to complete the anthropomorphic home cleaning effect

Ontology: different manufacturers brand design, appearance will be different.

Rechargeable batteries: nickel-metal hydride batteries in general, some with lithium batteries, but with lithium batteries are usually higher unit price. Each manufacturer's battery charging time and use time is also different.

Charging seat: can provide a robot vacuum cleaner home to charge their own place.

Dust box: with the general vacuum cleaner paper bag is different, are equipped with dust box can collect dust. Roughly divided into two types: 1, the central dust box 2, placed in the back-end dust box.

Remote control: control robot vacuum cleaner, but also by the body control.

TPE as a vacuum cleaner accessories an indispensable material in the vacuum cleaner on the application of more and more, and the performance of the more and more important. Robot Cleaner Accessories The following figure illustrates some of the representative applications of TPE thermoplastic elastomers in vacuum cleaners.

After the outer layer of the tire is coated with the TPE, the vacuum cleaner runs on a variety of surfaces with anti-skid and ultra-quiet, smoother, more gentle and varied colors.

To provide better sealing, and help to reduce noise and noise, while ensuring the vacuum cleaner in the operation of the work to ensure a more powerful suction, Robot Cleaner Accessories to achieve efficient vacuum effect.

Flexible elastomer brush accessories soft and wear, do not hurt the floor floor, and ground contact more compact, to ensure that suction, enhance the vacuum effect, cleaning more thoroughly.

Brush the surrounding design is covered with TPE, soft and flexible, to avoid the work run when bumping the wall and your high-end furniture.Robot Cleaner Accessories Nowadays popular sweeping robot shell design around the shell is the same reason, not only the design of new, better visual effects, and better protection.

TPE as a skeleton of the filter not only to ensure the convenience of the installation, while ensuring a better sealing effect, improve suction and dust effect.