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Hot China Robot Industry "industrial 4.0" How Far Worse When
Jun 02, 2016

Abstract: the intelligent equipment, high-tech Terminal application, has pushed the traditional industry step by step to mobile intelligence era. From the intelligent home, Internet terminals, unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, such as increasing research in the field, is an important interface breakthrough technical difficulties. Bank, a restaurant waiter waiter robot robot ... Looking forward to, "industry 4.0" to come, it will be an exciting era of smart!

Application of intelligent devices, high-tech Terminal, has pushed the traditional industry step by step to mobile intelligence era. Following the first industrial revolution, the second industrial revolution, following the third industrial revolution, the development of the world at an astonishing pace. After experiencing three times before the industrial revolution, we used the fourth industrial revolution known as "industrial 4.0".

"Industrial 4.0" background

It is understood that the "industrial 4.0" research project by the Germany Federal Ministry of research funded in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, Germany Engineering Institute, Alex Braun Hough Association, Siemens, Germany proposed and promoted by academia and industry, and has risen as a national strategy, Germany the Federal Government invested 200 million euros. "It is clear that Germany attaches great importance to the development of intelligent industrial strategy.

According to the latest research report shows that since its launch in April 2013 official at the Hannover industrial fair, industry 4.0 quickly becoming Germany another label, worldwide and triggered a new round of industrial restructuring in race.