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China Industrial Robot Development Trend Analysis
Jun 02, 2016

Industrial robot is a mechanical, electrical, control, computer, sensors, artificial intelligence and other disciplines important advanced technology of modern manufacturing automation equipment, high-tech industry has become a cherished, which acts as the main automated modern manufacturing equipment widely used in manufacturing, an important symbol is the measure of a country's comprehensive strength in the manufacturing sector.

Cross country insight, industrial robotics industry development to the region's industrial base has high requirements and related scientific research strength, China's current industrial robotics industry is mainly concentrated in Northeast China, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province and the Yangtze River Delta region. Northeast is domestic old industrial base, is first engaged in Yu industrial robot production of area; Beijing Jin JI area for its technology advantage, industrial robot industry also has development, main Enterprise cover field including industrial robot and Automation line, and industrial robot integrated application, and industrial robot technology advisory, products and service; long triangle area is China car manufacturing, and electronic manufacturing enterprise concentrated to, is important of robot company agglomeration to, Jiangsu Province has five seat city is construction robot industry Park ; Industrial robot company focused in the PRD, Shenzhen, Shunde, Dongguan, Guangzhou and Zhongshan.

Industrial policy driven by incentives and market demand, industrial robotics industry to achieve rapid growth in recent years, the industry leader in industrial improved, at the same time more and more new companies are also actively involved in the robotics industry. According to statistics, the 2015 15600 industrial robot production in China, an increase of 29.5%.