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Camera Robot Cleaner The Design Of
Jul 12, 2017

Often there are some machine vision engineers that the USB interface of the industrial camera can cause dropped frames. In general, industrial camera dropped frames and industrial cameras used in the transmission interface is not related, Camera Robot Cleaner whether it is USB, or 1394, GigE, Camera Robot Cleaner or CameraLink. Poor design of the driver or industrial camera hardware is caused by throwing the real reason: poor design of the industrial camera will be the phenomenon of frame loss, in fact, the data channel is blocked, can not be dealt with in time, Camera Robot Cleaner so the new image comes, The former may be forced to be discarded, or the new image is forced to be discarded. To solve this problem, designers need for the driver and industrial camera hardware data transmission of each link for the precise design.

In the machine vision detection technology, Camera Robot Cleaner the industrial camera input and output interfaces are Camera Link, IEEE 1394, USB2.0, Ethernet, USB3.0 several

CCD and CMOS image sensor photoelectric conversion of the same principle, Camera Robot Cleaner their main difference is that the signal readout process is different; because the CCD only one (or a few) output node unified read, the signal output consistency is very good; The CMOS chip, each pixel has its own signal amplifier, each charge-voltage conversion, the signal output of the poor consistency. But the CCD in order to read out the entire image signal, requiring the output amplifier signal bandwidth is wide, and in the CMOS chip, Camera Robot Cleaner each pixel in the amplifier bandwidth requirements are lower, greatly reducing the power consumption of the chip, which is the CMOS chip Power consumption is lower than the main reason for the CCD. Despite the reduced power consumption, Camera Robot Cleaner but millions of amplifier inconsistency has brought a higher fixed noise, which is CMOS relative to the inherent weaknesses of CCD.

From the manufacturing process point of view, CCD circuit and devices are integrated in the semiconductor single crystal material business, the process is more complex, Camera Robot Cleaner the world only a few manufacturers can produce CCD wafer, such as DALSA, SONY, Panasonic and so on. CCD can only output analog electrical signals, the need for subsequent address decoder, analog converter, Camera Robot Cleaner image signal processor processing, Camera Robot Cleaner and also need to provide three different sets of different power supply synchronous clock control circuit, the integration is very low. The CMOS is integrated in the metal oxide known as the single material, this process and the production of tens of thousands of computer chips and storage devices such as semiconductor integrated circuit of the same process, so the sound field CMOS cost is much lower than the CCD The At the same time CMOS chip can image signal amplifier, signal read circuit, A / D conversion circuit, image signal processor and controller integrated into a chip, Camera Robot Cleaner just a chip can achieve all the basic functions of the camera, High, chip-level camera concept is generated from this. With the continuous development of CMOS imaging technology, Camera Robot Cleaner more and more companies can provide high-quality CMOS imaging chip, including: Micron, CMOSIS, Cypress and so on.

CCD photosensitive output by one by one, Camera Robot Cleaner only in accordance with the provisions of the program output, slower. CMOS has a number of charge-voltage converter and the ranks of switch control, read much faster, most of the current high-speed cameras more than 500fps are CMOS cameras. In addition, the CMOS address strobe switch can be random sampling, the realization of sub-window output, Camera Robot Cleaner only the output of the sub-window image can get a higher speed.

CCD technology developed earlier, more mature, Camera Robot Cleaner using PN junction or silicon dioxide (SiO2) isolation layer isolation noise, image quality relative to the CMOS photoelectric sensor has certain advantages. Camera Robot Cleaner As the CMOS image sensor integration is high, the components, the distance between the circuit is very close, the interference is more serious, the noise on the image quality greatly. In recent years, Camera Robot Cleaner with the CMOS circuit noise reduction technology continues to develop, for the production of high-density high-quality CMOS image sensor provides a good condition.