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Camera Robot Cleaner Process
Jun 05, 2017

Clean robots can be said to be our most faithful "servant", Camera Robot Cleaner it is all the way to their belly "eat ashes", and there is no slightest complaint. But have you ever imagined using a clean robot to create a gorgeous "light graffiti" (Light painting) photo?

Light graffiti refers to a photographic technology, Camera Robot Cleaner by adjusting the shutter speed of a camera very slowly, and then taking pictures of the glowing moving object, Camera Robot Cleaner the path of the source will form a trajectory pattern that looks like a very dazzling luminous object. Camera Robot Cleaner Light and shadow graffiti is not a high requirement for lighting, so LEDs designed on many clean robots can be used for authoring.

In their own home can complete the creative process, first of all we have to choose a room without too many obstacles, and then preferably in the evening, and then pull the curtains, to turn off the lights in the room.

Next, we will adjust the shutter time of the SLR camera to the maximum time (usually about 30 seconds), then set the B-door exposure mode (bulb mode) by rotating the knob on the camera. Camera Robot Cleaner The B-door exposure mode allows you to manually control the ISO and aperture size, regardless of the shutter speed you choose. Camera Robot Cleaner We can set the ISO at a relatively low level (for example, 100) and then adjust the aperture to a value between F 5.6 and $literal, then adjust the focus.

If you're using a wide angle lens, you can also help you get as much of a clean robot's complete trajectory in the room as possible. But be careful not to let the robot run into the camera's tripod, Camera Robot Cleaner and then you can let the camera and the robot work at the same time, knowing that the camera is running out of power. This process does not require you to be on duty, and you can even go to another room to have a cup of coffee.

Now is the most interesting part, Camera Robot Cleaner turn off the room lights and relax and enjoy the performance of the cleaning robot. The shutter is pressed through the remote controller and can be guaranteed to the camera at any time. Depending on the brightness of the robot LEDs, you also need to adjust the shutter time during the process.

You can also try different patterns, aperture sizes, and shutter time effects on the image trajectory. For example, the image above is the effect of setting the 42-second shutter and F 5.6 aperture with the Samsung Vavibot camera.

But you have more than one cleaning robot. Camera Robot Cleaner If you let them work at the same time, Camera Robot Cleaner they will get more trails. But there's only one machine that doesn't matter, and you can overlay multiple exposures later to get the same effect.

If you think the LED is a bit monotonous, you can add more powerful lights to the top, so you'll get a different color trajectory and make the photos look more beautiful.