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Camera Robot Cleaner High Technology
Oct 18, 2017

With the domestic labor costs year after year rise in China's cheap labor advantage gradually disappear in the context of "machine substitutions" is the trend of the times. Camera Robot Cleaner At the same time, China's manufacturing industry is facing a high-end change, to undertake international advanced manufacturing, and further require industrial robot towards the direction of intelligent development, Camera Robot Cleaner intelligent industrial robots will become the future of the technical high ground and economic growth point.

Industrial robots intelligent, the personalized software modules, sensors, visual systems in the best way to integrate together. In the intelligent elements of the robot, Camera Robot Cleaner the visual system is the core, especially in the high-precision occasions, there is no visual system guidance, the robot can not complete the work. For the robot visual guidance, MicroMatch smart camera is a very good choice.

The smart camera is an ultra-compact, Camera Robot Cleaner intelligent camera developed by McMarsey as an electronic developer capable of performing fast and accurate testing of all industries and parts. Camera Robot Cleaner Its compact size can be easily installed on a space-constrained production line, and the unique modular design can be customized according to the application requirements.

Smart Camera is a cost-effective solution, Micro6000 series of industrial intelligent camera with a small solid industrial-class shell, anti-vibration, impact resistance, and integrated RS-232/485,Camera Robot Cleaner Ethernet, multi-channel digital I / O , VGA output display, USB peripheral input and other hardware interfaces to meet a variety of industrial field of different brands of equipment, communication access, integration of a wealth of machine vision algorithm tools. Micro6000 series of intelligent cameras are widely used in electronic products and consumer goods and other industries of automation manufacturing, including food and beverage, Camera Robot Cleaner pharmaceuticals, packaging, logistics, aviation, semiconductor, solar energy, new energy batteries, robot positioning and other industries.

Many of the visualization of the product calibration method is fixed or fixed on the robot, this method in the actual project has great limitations. Because in many projects, especially high-precision occasions, the camera's shooting position is likely to be outside the robot's stroke, Camera Robot Cleaner or because of mechanical structure design reasons, the robot simply can not move to the camera field of view.

In response to these problems, MicroMatch uses a more flexible calibration scheme, Camera Robot Cleaner as long as the robot to grasp a clear feature of the "rigid body." As long as the "rigid body" section can enter the camera shooting range, complete a series of designated actions, Camera Robot Cleaner you can complete the calibration, convenient and quick.

As the robot is grasping the "arbitrary rigid body", there is no pre-set feature points, you need to help MicroMatch software advanced algorithm configuration function to extract feature points.