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Camera Robot Cleaner Broad Prospects
Aug 02, 2017

 At present, although there are some wall climbing robot on the market,Camera Robot Cleaner but so far there is no one specifically for the glass window clean robot. This paper introduces a wheeled window cleaning robot based on negative pressure adsorption, Camera Robot Cleaner which is used for glass cleaning work in high-rise residential buildings. The use of the robot can avoid the safety of the windows caused by high-altitude operation, and its simple operation, easy to use, high value, broad market prospects.

The glass window cleaning robot system consists of gesture recognition and cleaning the body composed of two parts, as shown in Figure 1. The gesture recognition part uses the MXC6202 two-axis acceleration sensor to measure the acceleration value during the manual control process. Camera Robot Cleaner The acquired acceleration value is sent into the single-chip processing, and the control signal is obtained through a certain algorithm and sent to the cleaning robot part through the wireless transmission module. The cleaning body part transmits the received gesture recognition control signal to the main control unit [1]. After the operation, Camera Robot Cleaner the control signal of the two-way DC motor and the control signal of the micro-vacuum pump are generated and amplified by the drive Driving and control of DC gear motors and miniature vacuum pumps.

The glass window cleaning robot adopts negative pressure adsorption, wheeled drive structure [2-3]. Work, the robot adsorbed on the glass surface, through the all-round movement, Camera Robot Cleaner to achieve the glass clean. Camera Robot Cleaner The three-dimensional solid model of the clean robot structure is shown in Fig. 2, which consists of seven parts: wheel, filter, miniature vacuum pump, synchronous toothed belt, DC gear motor, chassis and sucker. Camera Robot Cleaner The structure of the system is simple, reliable, easy to operate, to meet the wall mobile robot in terms of load capacity, speed and reliability requirements.

Home cleaning robot is currently the most mature, the highest penetration of the service robot. Camera Robot Cleaner Home cleaning robot demand level can be standard color TV, Camera Robot Cleaner computers and other durable consumer goods. Cleaning robots are mainly used in home cleaning service scenes, from the consumer groups and practical aspects of the product and TV sets, Camera Robot Cleaner washing machines and other household appliances durable consumer goods similar to China's urban residents air-conditioning holdings reached 1.03 billion units, the national residents washing machines and refrigerators Holding more than 1.1 billion units, Camera Robot Cleaner color TV ownership of more than 1.6 billion units. According to this estimate, Camera Robot Cleaner only the home of the domestic market potential for clean service robots in the domestic level. Camera Robot Cleaner According to the current price of cleaning a thousand dollars or so, the market size of over 100 billion.