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Camera Robot Cleaner Automatic Design Walking
Jul 01, 2017

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) classifies service robots according to their use , Camera Robot Cleaner which is divided into professional service robots and home service robots. The smart home cleaning robot is a typical representative of the home service robot. In 2001, Camera Robot Cleaner the United States iRobot company launched the world's first home cleaning robot, which for home cleaning and can automatically design walking routes. Then the random collision pathfinding system formed by ultrasonic navigation technology is applied to intelligent robot vacuum cleaner. Smart home cleaning robots in the United States, Sweden and other countries take the lead in the development. However, Camera Robot Cleaner in recent years, the research of robotic technology started in the 1970s, Camera Robot Cleaner but the research of robots in recent years was concerned by the state. In the "7th Five-Year Plan", China's robots were included in the national key scientific research plan and Shenyang established the country's first robot research demonstration project. Since 2001, the rapid development of clean robot technology, domestic and foreign companies and some institutions of higher learning has been fighting for clean robots in many aspects of research. Camera Robot Cleaner This article through the analysis of national patent information on clean robot technology to sort out and outlook.

Smart home cleaning robots usually include path planning, Camera Robot Cleaner intelligent obstacle avoidance, and ground cleanliness testing. Figure 2 shows the distribution of global patent applications in the three aspects of the smart home cleaning robot during 1996-2014. The following will be detailed for three aspects of combing and outlook.

Path planning is the basis for achieving clean cleaning of robots . Camera Robot Cleaner Combined with obstacle recognition technology, the original intelligent vacuum cleaner can be in the cleaning area in accordance with the "zigzag" or "a few" shaped road walking. With the development of control technology, Camera Robot Cleaner the use of remote control technology to operate the robot, so free to walk and vacuum, in order to achieve the full cleaning surface coverage. With the development of sensor technology, the route control of intelligent cleaning robot became popular among countries from 1996 to 2006, and continued to grow in 2006-2010. The number of patent applications decreased gradually after 2010, mainly due to the path of intelligent cleaning robot Planning in a relatively mature period.

On the basis of the autonomous walking of the robot, the problem of the intelligent avoidance of mobile robots is an urgent problem to be solved in the field of clean robots. Camera Robot Cleaner In response to this problem, Korea Gwangju Electronics Co., Ltd. in 2001 proposed a clean robot automatic obstacle avoidance method, cleaning robots in the detection of obstacles automatically turn, so as to avoid obstacles. Camera Robot Cleaner In 2004, LG Electronics proposed a clean robot that was cleaned in a helical way and was able to walk out of the air and clean it after the cleaning. After 2004, the intelligent obstacle avoidance technology of clean robots was developed rapidly. Camera Robot Cleaner The main reason is that this stage at home and abroad in the intelligent control technology, human-computer interaction technology together with the sensor fusion technology has made great progress