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Camera Robot Cleaner Adjustment
Jul 25, 2017

Light and shadow graffiti refers to a camera technology, by the camera shutter speed is very slow, Camera Robot Cleaner and then shines on the moving objects to take pictures, Camera Robot Cleaner the light path will form a trajectory pattern, looks like a very dazzling Luminous objects. Light graffiti on the light source requirements are not high, Camera Robot Cleaner so in many cleaning robots on the design of the LED indicator can be used to create.

In their own homes can complete the entire creative process, Camera Robot Cleaner first of all we have to choose not too many obstacles in the room, and then the best in the evening, and then pull the curtains, turn off the lights inside the room.

Next, we want to adjust the shutter speed of the SLR camera to the maximum time (usually about 30 seconds), and then set the B door exposure mode (bulb mode) by rotating the knob on the camera. Camera Robot Cleaner The B-Door Exposure Mode allows you to manually control ISO and aperture sizes regardless of the shutter speed you choose. We can set the ISO at a relatively low level (eg 100), then adjust the aperture to a value between f / 5.6 and f / 11, and then adjust the focus.

If you are using a wide-angle lens, Camera Robot Cleaner but also help you get as much as possible clean robot in the room in the complete track. However, it should be noted that, do not let the robot in the running encounter the camera tripod, then you can let the camera and the robot at the same time, know the camera power exhausted. Camera Robot Cleaner This process does not require you to be on duty, you can even go to another room to drink a cup of coffee.

Now is the most interesting part of the beginning, Camera Robot Cleaner turn off the room after the light to relax, to enjoy the clean robot to bring the performance of it Press the shutter through the remote controller, and at any time to ensure the control of the camera. Depending on the brightness of the robot LED indicator, Camera Robot Cleaner you also need to adjust the shutter time at any time during the process.

But you have more than one clean robot, so fun and increased. If you let them work at the same time, you will get more trajectories. But only one robot does not matter, Camera Robot Cleaner you can in the latter part of the exposure of multiple photos will be superimposed, get the same effect.

If you think the robot comes with some monotonic LED indicator, Camera Robot Cleaner you can also add additional features in the above more powerful light source, so you will get different colors of the track, so that photos more beautiful.

Home cleaning robot is currently the most mature, Camera Robot Cleaner the highest penetration of the service robot. Home cleaning robot demand level can be standard color TV, computers and other durable consumer goods. Cleaning robots are mainly used in home cleaning service scenes, Camera Robot Cleaner from the consumer groups and practical aspects of the product and TV sets, washing machines and other household appliances durable consumer goods similar to China's urban residents air-conditioning holdings reached 1.03 billion units, the national residents washing machines and refrigerators Holding more than 1.1 billion units, Camera Robot Cleaner color TV ownership of more than 1.6 billion units. According to this estimate, only the home of the domestic market potential for clean service robots in the domestic level. According to the current price of cleaning a thousand dollars or so, Camera Robot Cleaner the market size of over 100 billion