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Advantages of APP Camera Robot Vacuum Cleaner (2)
Oct 10, 2016


Yubot Robottic Vacuum Cleaners Technology Advantage:

1Network Environment Adapting

 Yubot can adjust network resolution and frame rate automatically to guarantee the best voice and video call experience.

Video Definition: The highest resolution can reach 1080x720P due to network adaptive technology.

Video Frame-Rate: The highest FPS can reach 30 frames per second due to network adaptive      technology.

2Automatic Noise Reduction/ Echo cancellation

Yubot can quickly distinguish the noise and echo within 3 seconds when the user operates it.

3Multiple Information Security

A. Multiple security measures, encryption techniques and security protocols ensure your family privacy.

B. International security encryption technology guarantees the secure transmission of audio and video

C. No server storage transmission ensures the user privacy safety.

4Yubot System Network

Yubot can link one more doors magnet via its system network and monitor the doors and windows simultaneously.

5. Low Energy Consumption

24 hours standby, just 6 kWh per month. The battery of door magnet can last at least seven months, no need to replace it frequently.

6Multi-areas Server Node

Yubot set server nodes in many countries or areas to ensure the smooth users connection.