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Yubot Robot Vacuum Cleaner (3) – Security Door Magnet
Oct 11, 2016

Today we will introduce another important accessory for Yubot Robot Vacuum cleaner which is called door magnet.


Introductions of door magnet :

1.       Home Guarding: Door mangnet keeps an eye on any corner of your family. If there’s any suspicious opening of your doors or windows, it will send signals to Yubot robotic cleaners. Yubot will send a short message to the users smart phone.


2.       Only Yubot administrator can add the door magnet. Please review more details on Yubot Easy Start Guide to get more information when you set a door magnet.

3.       You can choose whether to accept door magnet message or not.

4.       Please make sure the gap between two parts of door magnet is less than 25px when they are fixed on the door frame separately.

5.       Reset: Please use toothpicks or other sharp subjects to press the pinhole for 3 seconds till the indicator light become green.


Yubot Home Smart Security Robot Cleaner is a loyal guard to monitor and protect your family when you are not at home.


Yubot at home, less worries and more assurance!