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The special robot
Jun 02, 2016

Special robots are in addition to industrial robots, used in non-manufacturing and service in human robot together.

In accordance with the scope of services and the use of different robots can be divided into two big categories of civilian and military. Civilian robots can be divided into: domestic robots, medical robots and entertainment robots, robotic machines, etc. Military robots can be divided into: EOD robots, surveillance robots, battlefield robots, mine-clearing robots, robots, underwater robots in the sky, some branches of development, such as aerial robots, drones, widely used in modern warfare.

First say what a special robot.

Other than industrial robots are robots, is, for non-manufacturing and service of human advanced robots, including: recreational and service robots, underwater robots, robot, robotics, robot, robot machines and so on.

On the practical, the robot (Robot) is a machine that automates work device. Acceptable human robot conductor arranged in advance can also be performed procedures can also be based on the principle of artificial intelligence techniques to develop the programme of action. Robots are performing a replace or assist humans in their work, such as manufacturing, construction, or dangerous work.

Robot is an advanced integration of Cybernetics, mechatronics, computer, material and product of Biomimetics. In industry, medicine and even military fields are important applications.