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Service robots
Jun 02, 2016

A wide range of service robot applications, mainly engaged in the maintenance, repair, transport, cleaning, security, rescue, care, and so on. International Federation of Robotics after years of collecting, gave a preliminary definition of service robot: is a semi-autonomous service robots or autonomous robot, it's capable of is interested in health services, but not engaged in the production of the device. Here, we have also included others close to the common man.

Apart from the robot mower, and by the end of 1999 World-Services robot is equipped with robots. These special-purpose robot application areas: medical robots, multi-purpose mobile robotic platforms, underwater robots and robot.

The end of 1999, all robots in the world is at least a 6600, household robots have 3000, about 50%, underwater vehicles and robots, 14% per cent and 12% per cent respectively, cleaning robot 6%, 23% all other robots.

Total 2000-2003 service robots is expected to increase to 49,400 units, 40,000 of which are domestic robots (in addition to vacuuming robot), 5000 is a medical robot. Household vacuum cleaning robot end of 2000 will enter the market, if the price is reasonable, 2003 sales could reach more than 250,000.

Household robots total sales volume is expected to exceed 300,000 units, it shows that the service robot market is about to enter a new stage.

From the aspect of existing skill needs and equipment, robots for disabled persons have not reached expected goals. The next 10 years, assistive robots will be a key area of service robots. Many important research institutes are focused on the development of such robots.

Service robots in General, universal access to one of the main difficulties is the price; the other, user benefits, efficiency and reliability of the robot is not well understood.

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