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Q&A on Yubot App Remote Control Vacuum Cleaner
Oct 08, 2016

1.      Q: Is Yubot a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

        A: No, Yubot is not only a Robot Vacuum Cleaner but also a family guard.


2.      Q: What’s the main feature of Yubot?

        A: App remote control + video & audio function +security door magnet.


3.      Q: How many clean modes are designed on Yubot?

        A: 3 cleaning modes: Auto Cleaning + Edge Cleaning + Spot Cleaning.


4.      Q: How does Yubot work in dark environment?

        A: With a built-in HD Camera, Yubot will run infrared night vision function under 

        dark environment.


5.      Q: How many door magnets can be installed on Yubot?

        A: You can install more than one door magnets if you need, the door magnet can be also

        used on the windows.


6.      Q: Does anyone can control Yubot?

        A: No. Only the administrator can manage and invite its family members to control Yubot.


7.      Q: Does Yubot can work in any network environment?

        A: No, Yubot can work normally under 3G /4G/LTE or Wi-Fi environment.


8.      Q: How does Yubot work when the battery is low?

        A: Yubot can find its docking station to recharge itself automatically when the battery is less than 20%.


9.      Q: How does Yubot protect user’s privacy?

        A: Yubot adopts multiple security measures, encryption tech. and security protocols to

        protect family privacy. Furthermore, there’s no server storage transmission.


10.   Q: Is Yubot suitable for all kinds of floors?

        A: No. Yubot is carpet, wood, tile and linoleum.


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