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Smart Video Robot Cleaner with mobile app control

Smart Video Robot Cleaner with mobile app control

Yubot (YB-R162) Smart Video Robot Cleaner: Give you a real-time video call with your family.

Product Details

Grit Technology is very skillful at producing smart video robot cleaner among those world well-known such manufacturers and suppliers in China, who can offer you smart video robot cleaner wholesale service. Welcome to buy the convenient smart video robot cleaner with our factory.

Yubot (YB-R162) Smart Video Robot Cleaner:  Give you a real-time video call with your family.


•Real-time Video Call: 

To chat with your family and to share the joy with your family, you just need to click huiba APP on the phone.

•APP Remote Control: 

With huiba APP and built-in WIFI, you can active Yubot remotely to return to a sweet and clean home.

•Automatic Recharge: 

Through infrared technology, Yubot can easily find charging station when the battery is less than 20%.

•Smart Security Alarm: 

When the door is opened, the door magnet will connect Yubot via wireless module, and Yubot will send short message to the mobile phone.

Other Functions: 

Automatic cleaning

Multiple-player Control

Connecting Reminding

System Auto-updating 

Network Environment Adapting

Multiple Information Security

Noise Auto-Reduction & Echo Cancellation


About huiba APP

With the huiba APP, your home is at the palm of your hand even you are outside. Use the huiba APP to:

• Do house cleaning from anywhere

• Make real-time video call anytime and anywhere

• Monitor home dynamics

• Pets Caring

• Access set-up instructions

• Receive automatic software updates


To fully enjoy the combined experience of Yubot and the huiba APP, please make sure you have the following.

1. This product only use in smart phone with android system above 4.0 version or IOS system above IOS 8 version.

2. Please make sure your smart phone work normally.

3. Please make sure the Wi-Fi work normally or under 3G/4G/LTE environment.

Technical Parameters:

Main Body Parameters

Accessories Parameters

Working Voltage        DC14.8 V


Rated Power           26W

Input Voltage          AC100-240V

Battery               Li-Ion

Output Current         1000mA

Battery Capacity       2200mAh


Charging Time         About 3-4H

Virtual Wall

Cleaning Time         60-120 M

Control Distance     2M  4M  7M

Video & Audio Time    About 4-6H

Speaker Power       2W

Work Temp Range      -10℃~45℃

Battery             D alkaline Batteries *2

Work Humidity Range   ≤90RH


Dust box Capacity      350mL

Docking Station


Input Voltage DC24V


Output Current;1000mA


Door Magnet


Battery    AAA Batteries *2


Working Time  About 8 Months

Applicable Scope:

The cleaner is suitable to wooden floor, tile, and carpet.

Inapplicable Scope:

*Not suitable to be used in the extreme hot or cold environment.

*Do not use the machine in the place without guard railing, or else it will damage the machine and cause personal injury.

*Do not use the machine in the following environment: wet, inflammable, explosive and easily corrosive.

*Do not let the machine clean the flaming cigarette butts, matches and so on.

*Do not let the machine suck the toner from laser printer and copier, or else it will cause fire.

*Do not let the machine suck sharp objects, such as glass sheet, piton and so on, or else it will damage the machine.

Our Certificates:

After Sale Service and Warranty 

1. Free technology support to customer or customer’s designated technical staff.

2. Free replacement parts to customer against the real feedback from video or photo or other proof.

3. One-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on Yubot Robot Cleaner.

It is known that the Roomba of Irobot, the Robotic vacuum cleaner of Neato, the smart vacuum cleaning robot of JISIWEI are all built with a camera in its new product. However, with a built-in camera, Yubot not only can show you any event in your family and capture all family dynamic even though you are not at home, but also can give you a real-time video call with your family member anytime and anywhere. 

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