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Camera Robot Cleaner

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Robotic Vacuum Quietly Cleaning Every Corner Of Your Home

Robotic Vacuum Quietly Cleaning Every Corner Of Your Home

Yubot,the first home security robot cleaner that can clean which is with built-in camera and Wifi

Product Details
Grit Technology is very skillful at producing robotic vacuum quietly cleaning every corner of your home among those world well-known such manufacturers and suppliers in China, who can offer you robotic vacuum quietly cleaning every corner of your home wholesale service. Welcome to buy the convenient robotic vacuum quietly cleaning every corner of your home with our factory.

Descriptions of Robot Vacuum Cleaner YB-R162

Main Functions:

1.  APP Remote Control

In a key to connect Yubot via “Huiba” app under 3G/4G/LTE or WIFI environment, you can find your family immediately and talk with them freely, help them to clean the house and view the family dynamic. Yubot, let you feel the family accompany whenever and wherever you are.

2. Remote Video Call

In a key to connect Yubot via Huiba” app under 3G/4G/LTE or WIFI environment, you can chat with your family smoothly and clearly. When you want to meet and chat with your family, you just need to call Yubot.

3. Smart Security Alarm

The door magnet of Yubot can report the door status timely in 24 hours,the users will check the status by Yubot. Yubot at home, less worries and more assurance.

4.Intelligent Cleaning

In a key to connect Yubot via “Huiba” app under 3G/4G/LTE or WIFI environment, Yubot can clean the floor automatically like a man. Yubot has good performances such as auto-recharging, anti-falling and anti-collion,15 degree obstacle crossing.

5. Infrared Night Vision Function

Yubot will run night vision function automatically at night or under darkness condition, which let you can “see” everything clearly in

 house, even the garbage under the bed or sofa.

6. Multiplayer Control

The administrator of Yubot can invite more users to connect Yubot, and all users can connect Yubot to clean the floor, chat with the family members, make video call and receive door magnet reports.

7Connection Reminding

The music will ring with indicator light flashing when someone tries to connect it.

8. System Auto-update

Yubot system can be updated automatically in order to extend utility function and improve the user’s experience.

Products Picture:

Product Specification:


Main Material


Charging Time

3-4 hours

Adaptor Input

AC   100-240 V ~50/60HZ 0.8A

Cleaning   Time

About 2 hours

Adaptor Output

DC 24V ~ 1.0A

Video Call Time

About 6 hours 

Rated Voltage

DC 14.4V

Camera Pixel

30 W

Rated   Power


Wide   Angle

120 degree

 Speaker   Power


Noise Level

≦60 dB

Battery   Capacity

 2200mAH Lith-ion battery

Dust   Bin Capacity


Body Size

320 X 320 X 95 mm

Omni-directional Microphone                         

Sound Pickup 5 meters.



WIFI 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)


Android   4.0+,IOS 8.0+,Iphone 4S+

Network Environment

3G/4G+/LTE,WIFI   (Minimum download 4M,upload 2M).

Video Real Time   Delay

Less than 100ms

Video On Time

Average 3 seconds

International synchronization Connection

IOS App   is on-line in 30 countries

Android   App is on-line in Google play all over the world


Q1. Is Yubot a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?
A: No, Yubot is not only a Robot Vacuum Cleaner but also a family guard.
Q2. What’s the main feature of Yubot?
A: App remote control + video & audio function +security door magnet.
Q3. How many clean modes are designed on Yubot?
A: 3 cleaning modes: Auto Cleaning + Edge Cleaning + Spot Cleaning.
Q4. How does Yubot work in dark environment?
A: With a built-in HD Camera, Yubot will run infrared night vision function under dark environment.
Q5. How many door magnets can be installed on Yubot?

A: You can install more than one door magnets if you need, the door magnet can be also used on the windows.

Q6. Does anyone can control Yubot?
A: No. Only the administrator can manage and invite its family members to control Yubot.
Q7. Does Yubot can work in any network environment?
A: No, Yubot can work normally under 3G /4G/LTE or Wi-Fi environment.

Q8How does Yubot work when the battery is low?

A: Yubot can find its docking station to recharge itself automatically when the battery is less than 20%.

Q9. How does Yubot protect user’s privacy?

 A: Yubot adopts multiple security measures, encryption tech. and security protocols to protect family privacy. Furthermore, there’s no server storage transmission.

Q10. Is Yubot suitable for all kinds of floors?

 A: No. Yubot is carpet, wood, tile and linoleum.

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